k48-Projekt 99: Stefano D’Alessio

Termin: Di 19.02.2019, 19 Uhr
Ort: k48 - Offensive für zeitgenössische Wahrnehmung

Projekt 99: Stefano D’Alessio: Longevity of light bulbs (and how to make them last longer)

Electroacoustic light performance 

L.O.L.B. amplifies a common object into a dynamic, light beaming, sound instrument, thanks to new technologies and performative action. Resembling of a solo concert, L.O.L.B. has as its core an amplified desk lamp, explored in all its sonorities by a performer.
The lamp’s ability to move dynamically is used to modify the original sound thanks to a custom made interface and digital audio processing. The spatial position of the light bulb is tracked by a camera and translated into parameters usable by the audio engine.
The only light source in the performance is the lamp’s bulb. The moving lamp is acting as a dynamic lighting device. It looks in different directions, behaving like a curious creature, illuminating different part of the environment, scanning through the audience and sometimes blinding the people. The result is a sound performance where natural and artificial tones fuse seamlessly, developing in time, combining with light, thru the actions of the performer and its instrument.


k48 - Offensive für zeitgenössische Wahrnehmung
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