Projekt 91: Michail Michailov

Projekt 91: Michail Michailov: Headspacing

performative installation (duration: 60min)

In "headspacing" I am becoming my own exhibtion space in mind and reality. I am questioning "who am I" involving the question where does my body really end - how is my body connected to whatever interacts with me consciously/unconsciously. Is the house I am living in or the exhibition space I am entering already part of my body in that very moment? Are the human beings I am surrounded with becoming part of me? If I create something, how and for how long am I connected with it. When art/design/architecture interacts with a person, is it already part of this person in that moment? What will be the goal by strengthening our own views, spaces and connections and where to will it lead us? (Michail Michailov)

Realisation and co-development: Hannes Anderle

Termin: Di 08.05.2018, 19.00 Uhr



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