Mo/nu/menting Maboneng

Monumenting Maboneng

Oliver Hangl is a performance/media artist and urban activist based in Vienna, Austria. His work marks a consistent confrontation between man and environment. Hangl pushes at the boundaries between physical and psychological spaces. Hangl’s work takes place in real and fictional settings; with the public space as his stage he playfully embeds a site responsive set of experiences and interactions for incidental audiences. 

As part of the FOR ONCE programme at The Centre for the Less Good Idea Hangl will be creating a collection of short public interventions along the east end of Fox Street in Johannesburg’s busy Maboneng precinct. In collaboration with local artists and activists Hangl intends to respond to the local, social, political and personal features of this space and time in Johannesburg.  

Monumenting Maboneng 

Termin: So 07.04.2019, 12am-3pm 

Ort: William Kentridge’s The Centre for the Less Good Idea
Maboneng Precinct, Fox Street
Johannesburg, South Africa

Unterstützt von:

BKA Österreichische Botschaft Pretoria